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Instanthack is the only website that provides the best Instagram Viewer tool to view private Instagram account. Our tool helps to view Instagram Profile, Photos, videos and stories of Someone blocked you, or you don’t have permission to see someone’s Account.

Work Process

How to view private Instagram accounts?

Have been trying to view a private profile on Instagram? The private profile viewer website welcomes you to the safest, fastest and easiest way to reach your goal. Please go ahead and use the unstoppable private Instagram viewer on our website and unlock everything that has been blocked from your view so far.

Enter the Instagram username

Enter the Instagram username of the profile that you want to be unlocked. We suggest you copy and paste the username to avoid any mistakes in typing.

Verify the profile

Verify the profile. This helps avoid wasting resources on fake profiles. This step will be automatically completed by the website, all you need to do is check if the verification is a success.

Complete the human verification

Complete the human verification process to confirm you’re not a robot. Just follow the lucid instructions on the screen and it will be done in no time. Once you’re done, you can view private Instagram profiles.

What We Do?

Instagram (or ‘ig’), the photo and video sharing platform, has become an inextricable part of most people’s lives. You may wish to view the Instagram profile of a particular person for many reasons.

  • To do a background check on a potential employee or client,

  • To get to know a celebrity icon better,

  • To look up your date before you go out, or

  • To check up on friends and family that you have lost touch with.

But this is not always possible because many people have their profiles locked out from public viewing. Then, how to view private Instagram?
There are 2 methods:

  • The first is to make your intention known and request to follow the person. If they accept you as a follower then the details of their profile would be visible to you.
  • The second is to use a private account viewer which will let you have all the privileges of a follower, without having to follow the person. This second option comes with the assurance of anonymity. The tool available on this website can help you out.

Through this website, you are invited to use our private account viewer tool. This Instagram private viewer will let you see the posts and stories on any Instagram account and keep your identity hidden from the owner of the account.

The private account viewer opens up a world of things for you to explore

View Private Profiles

It can be a ‘locked’ profile or one whose settings has been set to ‘private’. It can even be a profile that you have been blocked from viewing. The private profile viewer can override all kinds of privacy and security settings to let you take a look at the desired profile.

View Privately Shared Photos

Private account viewer will enable you to view private Instagram photos regardless of its privacy settings. You will not have to follow the profile in order to see the photos that have been posted on it.

View Privately Shared Videos

You will have access to all videos posted on the particular Instagram profile. Whether it is an original video or a shared one, as long as it is visible to the profile followers, it will be visible to you as well.

View Privately Shared Stories

You can view private Instagram posts like stories using this tool. It will not matter even if you have been excluded by being blocked from the profile or from the customised list of people who can view that particular story. If it has been successfully shared on the profile then you will be able to see it.

View All Comments

All comments made by followers and others on any images and videos uploaded to the Instagram profile will be visible to you by the private Instagram profile viewer. You may choose to make a comment of your own or preserve your anonymity by refraining from doing so.

View All Profile Activities

Apart from posted images, videos and stories, you would be able to see the likes, comments and shares made by the particular user and view a private Instagram account as a follower of the account does. All photo tags, location tags and other activities will be visible to you.

Why Choose Private Account Viewer


You can rest assured that your Instagram user Id or profile name will not show up in the follower’s list of any profile that you visit. The private ig viewer guarantees that your identity will not be revealed to the person whose Instagram profile you choose to visit.


The process that this tool follows is swift, smooth and easy to grasp for the user. You will be guided by clear interactions on a user-friendly interface throughout the process. You will be able to unlock private profiles immediately after completing the human verification process. There is no wait time between the completion of the third step and unlocking the profiles.


You don’t have to worry about any shareware, spyware, viruses or any other kind of malware when you use this tool. You do not have to download anything to your device, hence you are safe from any unwanted apps or software. The IG private viewer has an inbuilt security system to protect you from online attacks during the process itself.

Customer Service

If you face any glitch in the process, or have any concerns regarding the service, you ae welcome to use the contact form to reach the customer service. The customer service agents will be eager to help and prompt in contacting you to solve your issue.

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